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CR family,

Hey there CR family, 

If you were at our Christmas eve services, or if you have seen the videos already, then you know what an impact you made during Christmas. I wanted to take a moment to give you a little more information. 

First, I want to thank you so much for being a giving church. We are not a church that hounds people about money, because we believe that falling in love with Jesus makes you want to be generous wherever God needs it. As we see more and more people fall in love with Jesus  we have seen your tithes, offerings, and gifts increase as well. As you are faithful to give, we want to honor those gifts as a church. That is why we strive to give so much away. We believe that using God's resources, through God people, changes the world. While money will never replace a personal connection, it is a vital resource to open the door to many hearts. As we meet needs, lives open to the gospel. I could never thank you enough for your generosity. YOU DID THIS CROSSROADS!

Second, some have asked how this giving effects us moving forward. Can we continue to give this generously, and do some things we are planning for the future (they are asking hopeful that we can, this comes form excitement in them not negativity)? This week, we will release the proposed 2017 budget. God has provided in a miraculous way the last 12 months, and we believe that He is faithful to supply for the needs we will have this year as long as we are faithful to honor Him with what we have. That is why we wanted to give so generously this Christmas. We honor him with our time, talents, and resources. In 2016 our budget was $209,000, and you gave just over $333,000, not including more than $120,000 in debt elimination. We plan to be building this coming year with God's help, on a cash basis only. That means we will move as fast our our resources and your generosity. We do NOT intend to build on debt, but are trusting God for a his help in this project. Regardless, you won't hear us begging for money in 2017, instead we plan to unashamedly and ferociously preach the gospel of Jesus, knowing that God can and will supply in His way and in His time. Our first priority are changed lives through the power of Jesus Christ. A new building will be a wonderful help, a critical resource, to reach more people, but it will not be our focus. Jesus is always the FOCUS!

Lastly, I hope this inspires and excites you. If it does, here are a few steps I hope you will take as we approach a new year. 1) Join the BRAVE Journey starting January 8th. This will start our entire year off with an amazing vision for 2017. You wont want to miss this! 2) Let us know if you want to help with these missional things in the future, we ALWAYS need help. 3) Plan to share Jesus with 3 people this year. If we want to have a Jesus first focus, it will come through sharing the gospel. Ask God to reveal 3 names to you, then write them down. Begin taking steps now, to start showing them who Jesus is. This could be the best year of their life, as they encounter Christ with your help. This is why we are who we are!

I love you Crossroads. See you SUNDAY (NEW YEARS DAY)

- Jason

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