Our VISION as a student ministry is to share the gospel in a way that is engaging and effective to the youth of our community, see them accept Christ, and disciple them into a completely committed follower of Jesus Christ.

Evangelism is primarily accomplished through our weekly meeting on Thursday nights. On Thursdays, we desire to be as fun and interactive as possible and encourage students to invite their friends. Thursdays are designed to be a safe place for any student to come and hang out. Our goal is to introduce as many students to the gospel as possible, and begin to cultivate relationships with other students and youth workers. We do this through high energy games, worship, and a brief, yet challenging message. We also accomplish this aspect of our vision throughout the year with different events.


The second aspect of our vision is connection. It is critical that students do not ever feel alone in their walk with Christ. We accomplish this through connect groups that meet on a regular basis outside of Thursday nights. These connect groups invite students to begin to dive deeper into Scripture and have an opportunity to challenge each others' lives. These groups are led by adult workers that are committed to help grow our students further into their relationship with God. These groups are designed to be smaller that way students feel comfortable and have an opportunity to share both victories and struggles in their lives with one another. They meet both in homes and at different locations in our community.



The final aspect of our vision is to disciple. As a student ministry, we believe it is important to take someone from their decision to follow Christ and help grow them into a Christ- centered individual. We believe this is best accomplished 1-on-1 . We are encouraging our more spiritually mature students to choose other students that God has laid on their heart and help them grow spiritually. Holding each other accountable is a huge part of discipleship. This discipleship method will also be coupled with youth workers choosing students to disciple with a 1(adult)-on-2(students) approach. Each year our D-Now weekend provides an opportunity for our youth workers and other adults of CR to identify those students to work with closely throughout the year.